A is for Adult


I am tired of being an adult, actually THE adult. The person everyone turns to when they can’t make a decision.  Growing up, I was one of the youngest. The youngest child, the younger of my cousins, and even one of the youngest kids in the neighborhood. There were some advantages, but not many. You never got a window seat in the car, got to pick what to watch on TV, or the first to ride the hand-me-down bike. But no one EVER asked you what you thought they should do.

I grew up into a practical, level-headed adult. Calm in a crisis; both professionally and personally. The one who could figure out anything. I’m that go-to person. I’ll admit, this was a role I once cherished. Heck, I stepped up and even over when I felt others were slacking. Looking back, I’ve come to the conclusion that our ability to handle different issues is directly related to those around us. The less others did, the more I did. The more I did, the less they did. Bottom line, I became an enabler.

I’m sure at some point, I needed the subconscious accolades that came with being that person. Not so much anymore. I’m tired of making decisions and being responsible, but I must admit, I really like the view from the window seat.


4 thoughts on “A is for Adult

  1. Hi! I’m your neighbor on the Blogging A to Z sign up list. I’m with you today; I want to turn in my adult card please and be a kid again. Great post 🙂


  2. I’m the eldest child, and also the go to listener of the family, that keeps up the relationships. Since my mother died, my brothers and sisters are scattered and my step-father is emotionally absent. I feel your pain. It is exhausting to be THAT person.


  3. I definitely agree with you. I grew up really fast for my age.
    I am twenty three right now, but was married as seventeen, I have two children and am already building a career for myself. I just have never been like other people my age. Sometimes I consider it a blessing because of how far I am in my life, but other times I wonder what it would be like not to have grown up so fast, enjoy college life with college friends. But I still regret nothing

    Good luck on the challenge


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