A-Z Challenge

APRIL-CALENDAR [2015]I have accepted the April A-Z Challenge of writing a blog (nearly) a day for the month of April. I had been thinking about starting another blog for a few months now and the April A-Z Challenge was just what I needed to push me over the edge. My hope is that after 30 posts in a short period of time, my voice will come shining through and I will know the path this blog will take. Feel free to hang around for that discovery and for what follows.

I have been saying, “Pink isn’t a color, it’s an attitude,” for a number of years now. This can take on many meanings and I encourage you to explore this on your own. Sometimes my attitude is akin to the ballet slippers of a 5 year old; the one who is most unhappy wearing a scratchy tutu (yes, they are indeed scratchy!) On other occasions, it is the perfect pink of the Breast Cancer ribbon; hopeful for a cure. And then there are my bold days of fuchsia. Hopefully, this blog will reflect all my shades of Pink.

Come back tomorrow to read my first A-Z post. Spoiler alert, the first topic starts with the letter A





3 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge

  1. I am so looking forward to reading your blog!
    I love pink and every shade of pink, and yes it is an attitude… But for the most part all pinks make me happy!


  2. Good Wed to my good friend. It seems that during our friendship, we have taken turns being the adult. Being the youngest member of my family I grew up and still am the “baby.” My experience and as you have often said it’s hard to get past that reference point with our birth family. It’s so nice that we have non-familiar friends who see us as we are today. That being said, I value you and I take turns with our “positions” . I think that is what friendship is for… each of us finding our authentic selves who we may be that day. As a professional, I many times came home being and feeling like the ultimate adult.Thanks to you and others who could bring me back to my authentic person. You are my vision of the adult who has learned to keep her child alive. And Pink is the color in my life that brings me to center.


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