B is for Boo-Boos

Hello again. B originally was going to be for Birthdays; even had it all planned out. Funny thing, how plans sometimes run off the highway. However, I am the victim of my own Boo-Boos; not the ‘needs a band-aid’ kind but a blunder mistake, ‘OOPS, what did I do now’ kind.

BOO-BOO Number One:

This is a new site for me. I intentionally made it private so I could set everything up and ready for its April 1st debut. Joke on me. I got a very nice email from one of the challenge hosts on March 31st that my site wasn’t public, etc. What if they removed me from the challenge? What if I was going through all of this for nothing? Obviously, the site is live and all is well.

BOO-BOO Number Two:

Getting the site up and running included coming up with a header photo. I couldn’t think of one I had, so I went to a friend for help. Unfortunately, the themes I have tried it with required cropping out most of the photo. She wasn’t happy, I wasn’t happy. So, for now, I am using a photo of a piece of fabric. Still not happy.

BOO-BOO Number Three:

Part of this challenge is checking out other blogger’s posts. I really enjoy this part. Clicking around, getting lost in the blogging world. Then, I decided to get friendly and comment here and there.  Only there’s a choice to make. Pick a profile. Simple enough, right?  Not even close. No, I don’t want to use my Google profile, thank you very much. I want to use my WordPress profile so other bloggers can easily get to my site. Error message! Really! I am authorized to use that profile. Honest, it’s ME! Finally I get that worked out, only the site that pops up for others to see me IS NOT THIS SITE! I am about to pull my hair out. Quick fix: post a blog on the other site (not participating in said challenge)  with a link back to this site.

BOO-BOO Number Four:

Somehow, I have messed up how I can moderate comments on this blog. I can read them, cause I’m the super awesome site admin, but…..no one else can. Not exactly friendly. I will now stress over this and patiently wait for my tech guy, Jason, to pop up. He’s not really MY tech guy, just THE tech guy who came to my rescue last week. I’ve performed yet another work-around that I hope solves this issue. Please accept my apologizes if you are a real person with something to say and your much appreciated words do not show up.

Technological band-aids, but they will have to do for now.


3 thoughts on “B is for Boo-Boos

  1. please leave your hair on your head. I find screaming in the car my release as log as I’m not trying to find you in the Trader Joe’s parking lt. I guess that would be a time to visualize pink.


  2. Venting helps. Swearing can help. Breathing deeply helps. Looks like you are doing pretty well to me! Keep up the good work. I’m still banging on my site too: womenslegacyproject.com


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