C is for Clutter

I am not a an orderly person.  At any given moment, there are numerous orphaned items waiting to be returned to their designated place in my home. It makes me crazy, most of the time. I spend time “organizing” and putting things away and for a day, occasionally two, there is peace in my world. But for the life of me, I have a difficult time with the maintenance.

There are numerous books, websites, and articles written for people like me. Heck, there’s even television shows dedicated to clearing out and cleaning up.  The intelligent person in me gets it. I completely understand the hows and whys. I just have an issue with the follow-up.

I hide behind the guise of being right-brain/left-brain. The image of an absent-minded professor with scattered papers everywhere keeps popping in my head. Most of the time I can find what I’m looking for, but then there are the ones that I can’t. I get pissed off and vow to put an end to this way of living. It never lasts very long.

For years, my motto has been: “Never Give Up” So, I’m not going to. I begin every new week (or day) with a PINK ATTITUDE and motivation.

Now, if I can just find that to do list so I can get started.


2 thoughts on “C is for Clutter

  1. i’m just glad you haven’t given up so far! loving the pink attitude – keep moving through clutter and techno disasters! i like the fabric =)
    happy c day and may the days ahead be smoother for you!


  2. I’m not organized either, but I’m married to one of the most organized people on the planet. If he can’t change me, no one (or nothing) can.


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