D is for Digital

I love the digital world. I was with a group the other day and someone said they’d be lost without their little notebook; the kind with paper. Not sure why I needed to clarify that. Me? I’d be lost without my phone, or tablet, or laptop for that matter. I love that you can write stuff down and then delete it.  I love that I can keep my entire grocery list on my phone. I love that I can carry dozens of books with me so that no matter my mood, I’ve got something to read.

I remember when I was in my twenties, my most prized possessions were my stereo and LP collection. I had heavy boxes filled with albums. Super fun, especially when the apartment I was moving into was on the second floor.  I moved a lot back then, but no matter how far the move or the time of day, the stereo ALWAYS got connected before any box was opened. Music filled my new home as I unpacked.  Now I can carry my entire music catalog in the palm of my hand and with wireless speakers I’m always connected.

I still own most of my LP’s and yes, listening to music on vinyl has a crisp raw sound, but I’d trade space and weight for crisp any day.



To read about how I use digital media in the sewing world, click here.


3 thoughts on “D is for Digital

  1. Albums! Remember staring at the covers and lyric sheets for hours on end? I started this with Revolver when I was little and continued on through Tea for the Tillerman and Dark Side of the Moon, then I didn’t have time, then there were CDs…

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