E is for Electroncis

A number of years ago, there was an article in a men’s magazine that stated buying the woman in your life anything that plugged in was unromantic and would result in said male ending up in the dog house of gift giving.  My response was simple: If it doesn’t need a plug, I probably don’t want it.

Electronic devices; computers, kitchen appliances, sewing machines, palm pilots (remember those?), and yes even vacuum cleaners have been some of my favorite gifts. I am in awe of what these things can do and eagerly sit back to read the manuals so I won’t miss anything. I got a label maker once. Step one: label all the removable cords that go with above devices.  Do you have a collections of unidentifiable cords? Me too, but it’s not as big as it used to be.

I doubt I would have been successful as a pioneer woman, or man for that matter. Making toast over a fire with bread kneaded by hand. Washing clothes without the aid of modern technology? Sewing by hand? Making Coffee? All admirable skills, yet not ones I care to hone. We are at a time when the economy has forced us to look at our lifestyles and many are opting to walk away from the conveniences of the 21st Century.  Going back to a simpler way of living. I do admire those who are taking that path; I’m just not following them into the woods, well at least not for longer than a mini-vacation. Definitely not without a GPS to get me back home.

For me, simpler means less “stuff” that clutters my space. Knick knacks that don’t mean anything, unused serving dishes and linens, clothes, and duplicates of almost anything. Simpler does not mean I’m giving up my sewing machine or toaster over and don’t even think about taking away my electronic coffee maker.



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