G is for Google

I toyed with a variety of subjects today: grammar, grandparents, ghosts, gratitude, and even garbage. I finally settled on Google. Kind of just knocked me on the head as I was sitting at the computer working out this entry. My mind kept wandering and in an effort to come up with an interesting blog, I found myself on the internet.  Google is becoming the  “Kleenex” of the search engine world. I know there are other great engines out there; some even better, but I like Google.

Googling is the virtual equivalent of searching the stacks via card catalogs, an ancient practice. Most library’s catalogs are computerized now. I loved flipping through those cards, I often wonder how the children of today discover new subjects.

Google is more than a search engine, it is one of the wealthiest companies in the world and my calendar of choice.  They have acquired and/or partnered with a long lists of internet heavy hitters. The Wikipedia article outlining Google’s short life is long in length and mind blowing. 

In addition to its search engine and calendar, I use Google’s cloud to back up files on my cell phone that I’d prefer not to lose again. You know the feeling; lost phone…….my pictures!  My contacts!!! My grocery list!!! Ok, I wouldn’t really freak if I lost that, but I would if it was my To Do list.

If you haven’t tried it, check out Google’s Timer. Just google the word “timer.” Makes me giggle thinking about googling Google. Once the time comes up, hit reset, type in the amount of time you want it set for and then hit start. (It doesn’t work if you don’t click start; not good.) It might not prevent you from staying up all night cruising the information highway, but just possibly, you’ll be reminded to go to bed.






4 thoughts on “G is for Google

  1. Hey there! I wrote about Google today too! Mine was called Googling Gaia. Google is interesting and even though it is a male dominated company in a male dominated field, the semantic web is coming and it is female. The world really has changed exponentially since we were little, and Google reflects that change really well. Good post!


  2. Ha ha!I Google Timer. That’s interesting. I use my phone for that now and it does help me o keep to my time limits better. Was it yesterday I saw something on 20/20 about Wikipedia? I think so. The point made was that Wikipedia was a ginormous opportunity for very exacting writers to share what they knew and researched about a topic!
    Enjoyed your topic!
    New Reader from A to Z Blogging Challenge.
    Amy http://amybovaird.com/g-is-for-gods-own-guatemala/


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