L is for Luck

What is luck? Being in the right place at the right time? Having all the stars lined up?

For that matter, what is unlucky? Murphy’s law?

Sometimes, to quote a baby’s bib, “Poop Happens!”

Is it bad luck that you married the wrong person? Probably not. You just need to examine your decision-making process. Getting an infection after surgery? Again, probably not, the environment wasn’t as sterile as it should have been or your after care was lacking. Getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery are both based on odds, not luck. Rolling sevens in a craps game, again, odds. Some may even call it fate.

We use the phrase lucky to describe someone who has, well basically what we think is a good life. Family, friends, home, job, etc. It’s not really luck and unless you live in their shoes, you don’t actually know what they had to overcome to get where they are and if you did know, you’d probably not want to go where they’d been.

So, let’s stop counting on luck or even wishing to be lucky. It will not pay the bills, find you the perfect mate or cure what ails you.

But you can bet, I’m not counting on Karma either.


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