Q is for Quilt

Did anyone really think Q would be for anything else?

Yes, I’m a quilter. Today I’m going to explain the quilting world as simply as possible. This is my fourth attempt; apparently explaining something you know really well isn’t all that easy.

Quilts are made up of fabric cut into pieces and then sewn back together creating a pattern, or not. Think about that for just a moment. We cut up fabric and then sew it back together, ending up with something that is smaller than the size of the original fabric. Even as I write this, I see the insanity. This process, although a key step, is refered to as piecing a top.

Once you are done with the top, the quilting process begins. First you layer the top, a middle (this can be made from a variety of materials,) and a backing and temporarily attach them together. This is called a sandwich.  The 3 layers are then held together with thread or yarn.

Once the quilting is done, the finished quilt is trimmed and a binding attached.

So, technically a quilt is made up of 3 layers held together by some sort of stitching or tied threads/yarn. 3 layers is the key component of a quilt. 2 layers? Nope, not a quilt; more like a blanket. That thing your friend knitted; again no. (Although I love knitted afghans and your friend is more than welcome to send one my way.) A quilter, by definition, is someone who stitches the sandwich together. Quilters are not that rigid and refer to anyone who pieces or quilts as a quilter.

Historical, quilts were utilitarian. Today Art Quilts are taking the world by storm. With each new generation of crafters comes a new movement in fabric art. Currently, Modern Quilts are setting the trend. There’s even a Quilter’s Hall of Fame. The Sochi Olympics’ look was a quilt in 2014. My favorite piece (yes, a quilting term) of history takes place right here in America. They were informational billboards so to speak of the Underground Railroad, providing slaves guidance to safety.

I love all things related to quilt making; piecing, quilting, designing, applique, binding, teaching, and above all learning new techniques. To read about my fabric journeys,  please visit my sewing blog: My Sassy Notions. 


2 thoughts on “Q is for Quilt

  1. Very good basics. I actually spent part of yesterday looking at some amazing quilts my cousin makes. She has dozens ready for sale and no where to sell them at the moment. I need to talk to you about this. Maybe a topic for Tucson Women Bloggers social Meetup this coming Sunday? It is 9:30 p.m. and I am still writing my Q piece. Argh!


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