S is for Science

Science is an antonym for Art.

Art is a synonym for Science.

Who makes these decisions?

I see science in art all the time. Take the color wheel; a tool used by all kinds of artists both consciously and unconsciously. Yet, when you first learn about color in school, it is usually in a science class during a lesson on light.

What about architecture? Is this not a discipline in the arts? The design of a building, yet dependent upon engineering to bring it off the paper.

Many will say a landscape; any landscape, is a piece of art. What makes those textures, dimensions, and color that creates such a beautiful picture? Foliage and geology, to name a few. Yep, another science.

Chefs are artists, but without science, we’d all be eating….I’m not exactly sure, but it wouldn’t taste good.

So, without science, art wouldn’t be.


Without art, science would have no purpose.


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