W is for WordPress

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to WordPress during a blogging challenge.

Last year, I made a decision to start a sewing blog. I did the research, asked a few writing friends, and for unknown reasons chose WordPress. It is by far the best decision I have made regarding blogging. You really can start a bog in 10 minutes.  I joined the local WordPress Meetup group, where I meet the most supportive people. If there is one in your area, I strongly encourage you to join. Afterall, WordPress is a community.

WordPress provides excellent customer service. Their tech gurus are called Happiness Engineers and to date have yet to disappoint. Occasionally, they pop up in a chat window, just to see if you need help. I love that.

I recently attended PressPublish in Phoenix, AZ. It was a conference aimed at bloggers. Yes, there are super coder people who use WordPress and yes I have learned a lot from them. This event wasn’t for them, it was just for bloggers. Those of us who share our stories, ideas, tips, recipes, etc. A day devoted to our questions and challenges. And help. And food!  Lots and lots of food. And chocolate. I love chocolate.

This was a new venue for WordPress, but it is one that I hope was successful enough that it is repeated. I know I’d sign up.




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