Y is for YouTube

I love YouTube. In addition to the cute pet videos, there is all kinds of how to videos. How to unclog a toilet, how to fry and carve a turkey, how to sew on a button or tie a tie. Granted, there are videos with questionable advice, but all in all a great source of information.

My most recent adventure on YouTube took me to a place I had never even thought of going before. Appliance repair. After some research late one night, I came to the conclusion the control panel on my dishwasher needed replacing. In the morning I contacted an appliance repair company who quoted me a price that would have covered a new dishwasher. Long story short, I found the part locally for less than half the above mentioned company wanted and replaced it myself.

I learned all about torque screws and ribbon connectors. Honestly, the most difficult part was unplugging and plugging the dishwasher in as the cord is under the sink.

So the next time you’re faced with a challenge or wanting to learning something new, head over to YouTube. They’re open 24/7; even on the holidays. I can’t guarantee everything you find will be legit, but a lot of it is and well worth your time.


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