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Finding My Voice

In the past year, I have put myself in the position of having to “present” to a group of people on various topics relating to blogging.  I am no stranger to talking to groups, but it is usually in a sewing classroom where my comfort level is extremely high. Obviously, I am not as versed in the blogging world. The fact that anyone is even reading this is, well amazing to me.

Apparently, I can be funny. Imagine that! In front of a group of strangers, I come across as humorous.  Is it fear? Am I really a comedian masquerading as a woman approaching senior citizen discounts? Ok, I actually qualify for some of those and am able to sneak in on others I don’t. Like the movie theater. Tell a teenager you want a senior ticket and show them your license as id for your credit card. Do they check how old you are? NOT EVEN ONCE!

The challenge now becomes writing the way I speak. This is not easy. More than once, it has been suggested to me that I record what I want to say and then transcribe it to my blog. I have the technology to do this, but like almost everyone, I’m not so fond of hearing my own voice. Podcasting might be a solution; but there’s that voice thing again.

Step One: Write more. I keep telling myself to do that, but then things come up. Fun things. Like new sewing toys, or dinner with family. (Ok, not all my family is fun.) There are just so many hours in the day, and when you get to my stage in life, you tend to be super picky about how you spend them. And then there’s the borderline ADD thing. I don’t really have ADD, I refer to it as Pinball Brain. You know, where you do one thing and it takes you somewhere and you lose track of what you started doing and pretty soon you’re bouncing all over the place. Like now.

Focus! Go back to Step One.

Eventually, I will find my voice as long as I approach this with a Pink Attitude.


2 thoughts on “Finding My Voice

  1. Funny. All the little girls playing the recreation soccer AYSO, ages 8-12- there’s a team called Pink and Vicious (that all the girls want to be on) and they have a really cool sign. it makes pink look tough.

    Then you got Pink, the artist- she kicks butt too.

    So, yes, Pink can have attitude.

    You’ll be fine.

    I don’t like the sound of my voice either. It’s annoying. I don’t know how I don’t deter others. Oddly, I was told that I write exactly the way I speak. Thank goodness for that. (I think- not sure if that was a compliment or constructive criticism that I should be considering) – Oh well, adopt the Popeye philosophy- I ams, what I ams.


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  2. I often wonder if it is really me speaking when I hear my voice through a recording. Sometimes I think that I may be channeling someone else. Writing is not a problem, speaking is not a problem, but accepting a different sound through my ears is a problem. Is that how other people actually hear me? I guess I’ll never know.


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