WTF Files

I commented on a FB post about Bob Dylan being in an IBM commercial. Yea, I know. Think about that for jut a moment. reminiscent of the first time I heard a Beatle’s song in an Elevator. (Does Muzak exist anymore?)  What is the cultural equivalent for the millennials?

The above does qualify for WTF all on its own, but it didn’t end there. Within minutes, there was an IBM suggested post on my feed. Seriously? That quick? We are all accustomed to ads popping up on social media  obviously connected to our recent internet searches.  Now, some annoying genius has written an algorithm based on posts that I comment on. The original post mentioned IBM, I did not.

I tip my hat to those coders that not only came up with this idea, but had the knowledge to pull it off. PLEASE STOP NOW.

Mark Zuckerburg, if by chance this ever finds its way to you, ads are one thing, cluttering my feed with information I AM NOT interested in is another.


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