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I can not get a break.

The roofing people came out to give me an estimate on getting the leaks taken care of. While the nice gentleman was on my roof, I heard a scream. A little unsettling don’t you think? My first thought was that he fell and broke something. Turns out there’s a wasp’s nest on my roof and he’s allergic to wasps. This led to a discussion on epi-pens and the discovery of another nest.

A man with a serious bug allergy, who works outside for a living, DOES NOT carry an epi-pen. I gave him my best advice on epi-pens, Benedryl, etc. Well, cause I know this stuff seeing as how my daughter is allergic to just about every plant. (I’ll let you think about that as you contemplate your next meal and realize most of what you eat is a plant of some kind.)

Let’s review: If you have serious bug bite allergies get an epi-pen. I have a roof that leaks and the weather forecast calls for rain within the next week. Thank you El Nino. There are wasps taking up residency in my home. Planning dinner with my daughter is never easy.

Looking forward to seeing rainbows!


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