L is for Luck

What is luck? Being in the right place at the right time? Having all the stars lined up?

For that matter, what is unlucky? Murphy’s law?

Sometimes, to quote a baby’s bib, “Poop Happens!”

Is it bad luck that you married the wrong person? Probably not. You just need to examine your decision-making process. Getting an infection after surgery? Again, probably not, the environment wasn’t as sterile as it should have been or your after care was lacking. Getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery are both based on odds, not luck. Rolling sevens in a craps game, again, odds. Some may even call it fate.

We use the phrase lucky to describe someone who has, well basically what we think is a good life. Family, friends, home, job, etc. It’s not really luck and unless you live in their shoes, you don’t actually know what they had to overcome to get where they are and if you did know, you’d probably not want to go where they’d been.

So, let’s stop counting on luck or even wishing to be lucky. It will not pay the bills, find you the perfect mate or cure what ails you.

But you can bet, I’m not counting on Karma either.


K is for Karma

Definition of karma found via Google:
  1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.


In layman’s terms, “What goes around, comes around.” I’ve seen this happen and will admit there are times when it makes me smile.  I was driving between 2 cities on a major interstate one night last week.  All of sudden I was passed by a car, you know the kind of pass you feel cause they are going so fast. Naturally, my eyes followed the car as it weaved in and out of traffic. Seconds later it happened again. Another car, zooming down the highway, coming out of nowhere. Then I saw that it was a police car. Yep. Instant Karma.

Another way to look at this is; good things happen to good people. But if that’s the order of the universe, doesn’t it imply that bad things happen to bad people. This then gets turned around. If something bad happens, I must be bad. Parents facing divorce are quick to tell their children, “this has nothing to do with you.” If it doesn’t, why bring it up?

I’d prefer to think that life is just random. Loved ones die, babies are born, successes and failures happen and believe it or not, they happen to EVERYONE! We all experience the good and the bad. This doesn’t mean that we are ourselves good or bad.

When you hear of a child with a life threatening disease, do you jump to the conclusion that they were bad?  Like didn’t eat their vegetables or hit a sibling bad? Seriously, how bad can a kid get? And how do you explain the mean girl, you know the bully who shunned others, winning the homecoming crown? Or the co-worker who gets a promotion; the same one who played video games doubling your workload?

I just can’t wrap my mind it. Why am I being held responsible for my actions in a previous life? What if I was a lion? I had to kill to eat. What’s the payback for that?




J is for Javelina [hah-vuh-lee-nuh]


Javelina are animals found in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, throughout Mexico and as far south as Argentina. They are also known as a Collard Peccary and are often mistakenly refered to as wild pigs.  They are not pigs; although they do resemble a wild boar. Their eyesight is not great, but they will charge when threatened or protecting their young and they travel in groups/packs. That’s the basics, if you want to learn more about them, I suggest this Javelina Fact Sheet from the Arizona Desert Museum. I could quote a dozen articles, but I thought I would share some personal experiences.

They smell and not in a good way. There is a pungent odor that distinctly says “Hey, javelina in the area.” It’s not a gaggy kinda smell, but strong like a musk. I came home one night to a lame javelina in my driveway. I first knew something was wrong when it didn’t run away.  Over the next few days, it moved from near the house to the end of the driveway. It was the week before Thanksgiving and the smell outside my home was starting to concern me. I called the Wildlife people to ask what I should do if it died. I was informed they would take it away, but only if it died on the street. Should it die on my property, I was encouraged to drag the dead animal to the street. Are you kidding me?  They added to be careful as javelina tend not to leave anyone behind and members of its pack are probably close by. Fortunately, said javelina disappeared before the holiday.

They’ll eat just about anything. I suppose if cactus is one of your main food sources, anything goes. On my street, we do not have the luxury of taking our trash bins to the street the evening before it’s picked-up because the javelina will tip them over, eat what they want and leave a smelly mess. There’s a tiny fenced area in front of my house where we used to keep our trash bins. On more than one occasion, the gate got left open and I woke up to sleeping javelina against my door. Apparently, they were responsible enough to shut the gate. My neighbor has lost many a night’s sleep and plants to these desert dwellers. Over the last 25 years he has experimented with a variety of javelina proofing projects. He now has wrought iron fencing around all his flower beds.

They are not cute. Nope, not even the babies. I was however, fortunate enough to see a newborn once; it still had its umbilical cord attached. The mom dug a hole, partially covered the baby in dirt and went off in search of food.  She wasn’t gone long and the baby couldn’t have cared less. The process itself was fascinating and I tried really really hard to see the cuteness in that baby. I swear it is the only baby anything that I’ve found not to be.

Everyone has critters  in their neighborhood. Racoons, armadillos, squirrels, pigeoons, lions, elephants, kangaroos, bears, and sewer rats to name a few. If I had my pick you can be damn sure it wouldn’t be a rat. That and a lion, well and maybe an elephant.






B is for Boo-Boos

Hello again. B originally was going to be for Birthdays; even had it all planned out. Funny thing, how plans sometimes run off the highway. However, I am the victim of my own Boo-Boos; not the ‘needs a band-aid’ kind but a blunder mistake, ‘OOPS, what did I do now’ kind.

BOO-BOO Number One:

This is a new site for me. I intentionally made it private so I could set everything up and ready for its April 1st debut. Joke on me. I got a very nice email from one of the challenge hosts on March 31st that my site wasn’t public, etc. What if they removed me from the challenge? What if I was going through all of this for nothing? Obviously, the site is live and all is well.

BOO-BOO Number Two:

Getting the site up and running included coming up with a header photo. I couldn’t think of one I had, so I went to a friend for help. Unfortunately, the themes I have tried it with required cropping out most of the photo. She wasn’t happy, I wasn’t happy. So, for now, I am using a photo of a piece of fabric. Still not happy.

BOO-BOO Number Three:

Part of this challenge is checking out other blogger’s posts. I really enjoy this part. Clicking around, getting lost in the blogging world. Then, I decided to get friendly and comment here and there.  Only there’s a choice to make. Pick a profile. Simple enough, right?  Not even close. No, I don’t want to use my Google profile, thank you very much. I want to use my WordPress profile so other bloggers can easily get to my site. Error message! Really! I am authorized to use that profile. Honest, it’s ME! Finally I get that worked out, only the site that pops up for others to see me IS NOT THIS SITE! I am about to pull my hair out. Quick fix: post a blog on the other site (not participating in said challenge)  with a link back to this site.

BOO-BOO Number Four:

Somehow, I have messed up how I can moderate comments on this blog. I can read them, cause I’m the super awesome site admin, but…..no one else can. Not exactly friendly. I will now stress over this and patiently wait for my tech guy, Jason, to pop up. He’s not really MY tech guy, just THE tech guy who came to my rescue last week. I’ve performed yet another work-around that I hope solves this issue. Please accept my apologizes if you are a real person with something to say and your much appreciated words do not show up.

Technological band-aids, but they will have to do for now.


A-Z Challenge

APRIL-CALENDAR [2015]I have accepted the April A-Z Challenge of writing a blog (nearly) a day for the month of April. I had been thinking about starting another blog for a few months now and the April A-Z Challenge was just what I needed to push me over the edge. My hope is that after 30 posts in a short period of time, my voice will come shining through and I will know the path this blog will take. Feel free to hang around for that discovery and for what follows.

I have been saying, “Pink isn’t a color, it’s an attitude,” for a number of years now. This can take on many meanings and I encourage you to explore this on your own. Sometimes my attitude is akin to the ballet slippers of a 5 year old; the one who is most unhappy wearing a scratchy tutu (yes, they are indeed scratchy!) On other occasions, it is the perfect pink of the Breast Cancer ribbon; hopeful for a cure. And then there are my bold days of fuchsia. Hopefully, this blog will reflect all my shades of Pink.

Come back tomorrow to read my first A-Z post. Spoiler alert, the first topic starts with the letter A