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WTF Files

I literally can not make this up. The roof repair people are still a few weeks away from getting my leaks repaired. I can handle that. In the meantime, it is that time of year when I look at the list of things that need to be done this year, as in last spring, and start lining up service techs.

Today, the soft water system was scheduled for its 5 year maintenance. The guy arrived on time and got to work. Due to the noise, I decided to sit on the back patio and catch up on my email. That’s when I heard it. Water flowing off the roof. Skies are clear. Why is water running off my roof? I tell tech guy, he goes on the roof, and guess what?  The drain pipe for the softener has a hole in it. Why is the drain pipe on the roof?  I don’t understand, seriously DON’T UNDERSTAND. Did I mention the roof isn’t repaired yet?

So the water guy is on the roof as I am typing this, hopefully taking care of the leak and then it starts. RAIN!  Yep, it’s raining again in the desert.

Considering canceling the electrician.

Holding on to the Pink Attitude: I think I’m gonna need it.

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The Universe is Talking

Remember the wasp’s nest from last week? Made me think of my first encounter with wasps as an anxious little kid, waiting for the clock to tell me it was time to go to day-camp. My bike was ready, I was ready, my mom was irritated as I banged on the window every 5 minutes inquiring if it was time yet. My excitement disturbed a nest of wasps, I got stung, a lot, and didn’t get to go that day.

Two days ago, I was contacted by a “boy” from that neighborhood. I’m talking pre-preschool here. My family moved out of that neighborhood when I started 3rd grade. I spent the day messaging and emailing back and forth answering and asking so many questions I didn’t do much else the entire day. He still lives there, I’ve moved 1800 miles away.

Memories came flooding in. So many memories. Mostly kids being kids in the late 50’s early 60’s. Bikes, swimming, school buses, 1st grade teachers, Halloween costumes. There were some sad ones too. Kids losing a parent, kids losing a sibling, kids losing a friend.

Then there was the catch-up. What we’d been doing for the last 50 years. We’ve lived in 3 of the same towns over the years and gone to school in the same state; but outside of that first neighborhood, never at the same time. So much laughter. So many memories. Things I haven’t thought about in years. This connection re-introduced me to another “girl” from way back then and the desire to find another one.

Last night, I found myself sitting next to a lovely couple at a dinner function. Typical conversations of meeting folks for the first time, interrupted by me checking on the Cubs game. Ok, not the best dinner etiquette, but it’s a pennant series and it’s the Cubs. They are also from the Chicago area and interested in the score. Not that unusual; I meet people from Illinois all the time out here in the warm desert. Then is gets strange. She is also from the same little neighborhood and was good friends with my older sister. Seating was re-arranged and we spent the evening playing the “Did you know, do you remember?” game.

The Universe is obviously trying to tell me something; a friend reminded me if I keep listening, I’ll find out what that is.

Wonder what today will bring? And to think this all started cause I had a leak in my roof.

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WTF Files

I can not get a break.

The roofing people came out to give me an estimate on getting the leaks taken care of. While the nice gentleman was on my roof, I heard a scream. A little unsettling don’t you think? My first thought was that he fell and broke something. Turns out there’s a wasp’s nest on my roof and he’s allergic to wasps. This led to a discussion on epi-pens and the discovery of another nest.

A man with a serious bug allergy, who works outside for a living, DOES NOT carry an epi-pen. I gave him my best advice on epi-pens, Benedryl, etc. Well, cause I know this stuff seeing as how my daughter is allergic to just about every plant. (I’ll let you think about that as you contemplate your next meal and realize most of what you eat is a plant of some kind.)

Let’s review: If you have serious bug bite allergies get an epi-pen. I have a roof that leaks and the weather forecast calls for rain within the next week. Thank you El Nino. There are wasps taking up residency in my home. Planning dinner with my daughter is never easy.

Looking forward to seeing rainbows!


WTF Files

I commented on a FB post about Bob Dylan being in an IBM commercial. Yea, I know. Think about that for jut a moment. reminiscent of the first time I heard a Beatle’s song in an Elevator. (Does Muzak exist anymore?)  What is the cultural equivalent for the millennials?

The above does qualify for WTF all on its own, but it didn’t end there. Within minutes, there was an IBM suggested post on my feed. Seriously? That quick? We are all accustomed to ads popping up on social media  obviously connected to our recent internet searches.  Now, some annoying genius has written an algorithm based on posts that I comment on. The original post mentioned IBM, I did not.

I tip my hat to those coders that not only came up with this idea, but had the knowledge to pull it off. PLEASE STOP NOW.

Mark Zuckerburg, if by chance this ever finds its way to you, ads are one thing, cluttering my feed with information I AM NOT interested in is another.

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WTF Files

I love the sound of water; waves crashing on beaches or rocks, waterfalls, a steady rain fall. But when that sound comes from under the kitchen sink, well from any sink really, my heart sinks. (no pun intended.)

So, we begin another Monday. The drain pipe thingy disconnected from the drain thingy. I’m not fond of doing plumbing work, but this was a no brainer. First remove the stuff from the cabinet. Fortunately, I’m no stranger to leaks, so everything under there is in plastic containers. This not only makes it easier to get to and clean out, they also can serve as buckets. On the downside, this may have been leaking for a while before it cut loose as one of the containers was full and a bit stinky I might add.

I’m on the floor, playing plumber and that’s when it happens. I get a charlie horse. WTF? Are you kidding me? Attend to the cramp, or close the pipe that leads to the sewer line that is filling my kitchen with smelly gases?

The Pink Attitude is feeling a little washed out today.