WTF Files

I think I need to start a series of posts dealing with the crap that finds me on a regular basis. I suppose this could also be referred to as Murphy’s Law, but seriously, this is 2015 and my life deserves expletive friendly commentary.

Not wanting to bore you all with a long involved story, I’ll get right to it. Well, after a little story. Had a friend come to town last week, unexpectedly.  My daughter has been very ill lately with numerous trips to the doctor. (more on that later) So today, I found myself enjoying my morning coffee on the patio basking in the calm, contemplating my chores plans for the day. You know, putting up fall decorations, catching up on laundry, perhaps a little sewing.

I step back in the house to refill above mentioned beverage and then I see it. Paint bubbles above the kitchen sink. WTF? I know that look and it’s not a welcome faux finish. CRAP! Quick house tour in a panic reveals another spot. Seriously?

The Pink Attitude today is a little on the red side.


Approaching Change

When I was working in the corporate world, we were told to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. I started to think about how that could translate to any changes in life. For example: if you want to be an artist; do the things an artist does. If you want to be healthier; act healthy. Whatever the goal or task, you are the one who needs to define it. Google is not in charge here, you are.

Right now I want to be calmer.

1. What does calm look like? Where can I be proactive? What is preventing calm?

2. Make a list. Make a chart. With COLORS! But not too long, the ultimate goal is to be successful and if the quantity of tasks outweighs their quality, I am doomed.

3. Celebrate, but be forgiving.

So that is the plan. Identify, track, fall down, get back up and applaud.



I am off to my High School Reunion this week. Anxiety is kicking in and I still need to pack. It’s been a long time since I’ve been back. I went to a boarding school, so it’s not like I’m going “home.”

The typical thoughts flood my mind: should have lost some weight, I won’t measure up to other’s successes, I won’t remember half of them, they won’t remember me.

Every school has them; The Breakfast Club breakdown.  Princess, Brain, Athlete, Basket-Case, and Criminal. Like the movie, we all share a bond. Most of us away from home for the first time; struggling with adolescence. Gravitating towards our own; forming tribes.

My hope is that time has softened the bad memories enough that we won’t hold the past against one another. The good memories will rise to the occasion and the tribes will come together in perfect harmony. We will discover that no matter how disconnected we were back then, we all had similar experiences. We will laugh and create new memories and maybe even cross the lines and form new friendships.

Z is for Zippers

When I first started sewing, I was intimidated by zippers. I figured out ways to use buttons, elastic, and velcro to avoid sewing a zipper. Then one day, I made a dress and the before mentioned alternatives just wouldn’t work. So, I sewed my first zipper. Far from perfect, but it looked good enough.

Now, I look at life like zippers. There are many times we are afraid to try something for the fear of it not working out. But what if it does? And what about the lessons we learn when it doesn’t?

What are the zippers in your life? Roasting a turkey? Writing a novel? Entering a triathlon? Riding a city bus for the first time?

Open those zippers. I can’t promise success, but I can promise growth and that’s a far better alternative than staying stagnant.