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The Universe is Talking

Remember the wasp’s nest from last week? Made me think of my first encounter with wasps as an anxious little kid, waiting for the clock to tell me it was time to go to day-camp. My bike was ready, I was ready, my mom was irritated as I banged on the window every 5 minutes inquiring if it was time yet. My excitement disturbed a nest of wasps, I got stung, a lot, and didn’t get to go that day.

Two days ago, I was contacted by a “boy” from that neighborhood. I’m talking pre-preschool here. My family moved out of that neighborhood when I started 3rd grade. I spent the day messaging and emailing back and forth answering and asking so many questions I didn’t do much else the entire day. He still lives there, I’ve moved 1800 miles away.

Memories came flooding in. So many memories. Mostly kids being kids in the late 50’s early 60’s. Bikes, swimming, school buses, 1st grade teachers, Halloween costumes. There were some sad ones too. Kids losing a parent, kids losing a sibling, kids losing a friend.

Then there was the catch-up. What we’d been doing for the last 50 years. We’ve lived in 3 of the same towns over the years and gone to school in the same state; but outside of that first neighborhood, never at the same time. So much laughter. So many memories. Things I haven’t thought about in years. This connection re-introduced me to another “girl” from way back then and the desire to find another one.

Last night, I found myself sitting next to a lovely couple at a dinner function. Typical conversations of meeting folks for the first time, interrupted by me checking on the Cubs game. Ok, not the best dinner etiquette, but it’s a pennant series and it’s the Cubs. They are also from the Chicago area and interested in the score. Not that unusual; I meet people from Illinois all the time out here in the warm desert. Then is gets strange. She is also from the same little neighborhood and was good friends with my older sister. Seating was re-arranged and we spent the evening playing the “Did you know, do you remember?” game.

The Universe is obviously trying to tell me something; a friend reminded me if I keep listening, I’ll find out what that is.

Wonder what today will bring? And to think this all started cause I had a leak in my roof.



I am off to my High School Reunion this week. Anxiety is kicking in and I still need to pack. It’s been a long time since I’ve been back. I went to a boarding school, so it’s not like I’m going “home.”

The typical thoughts flood my mind: should have lost some weight, I won’t measure up to other’s successes, I won’t remember half of them, they won’t remember me.

Every school has them; The Breakfast Club breakdown.  Princess, Brain, Athlete, Basket-Case, and Criminal. Like the movie, we all share a bond. Most of us away from home for the first time; struggling with adolescence. Gravitating towards our own; forming tribes.

My hope is that time has softened the bad memories enough that we won’t hold the past against one another. The good memories will rise to the occasion and the tribes will come together in perfect harmony. We will discover that no matter how disconnected we were back then, we all had similar experiences. We will laugh and create new memories and maybe even cross the lines and form new friendships.