V is for Vision

My vision is inconsistent.

When I was six, the doctor discovered my pupils didn’t close. Guess that explains why my eyes were so dark; they used to say I had the gypsy eyes of my ancestors. I thought it was a joke, until I found out that there really were gypsies in my family. That could actually explain a lot.

I wore glasses well into my thirties and then had almost 20/20 vision for about 5 years and then it was back to glasses for me.

My corneas look like a topographical map of San Diego. Smooth like the ocean in some spots, bumpy like the mountains in others. Corneas are like windows and when they’re messed up, well you just can’t see that well. Lack of moisture makes it worse and since I live in the desert it is a constant battle.  This may or may not have been caused by a virus.

An eye doctor told me once that if I wore hard contacts it may help, but because I need tri-focals, I’d still have to wear glasses. Sticking hard disks on my eyeballs everyday AND glasses too. I don’t think so. Option 2: get my corneas smoothed off. Imagine sanding your eyes with a laser. And I’d have to go to Canada to get it done. Nothing against Canada. Again NO.

I’ve learned to live with it. I use eye drops, blink a lot when my vision gets blurry, and increase the font size when possible. Before computers, I’d be limited to the big size Reader’s Digest. I am seriously grateful that isn’t the case.

Luckily, I have options and that is always a good thing.